Shannon Freshour

Shannon’s Priorities


I am a “get stuff done; everyone just stop playing partisan games” Democrat. I do not believe that only one side is correct. No one group is correct on everything, and good ideas can come from people I strongly disagree with on a lot of other things. I believe you stand on principle and compromise on policies where you can.  


I believe deeply that healthcare is a basic human right and access for all people must be protected. Because of this, I believe it is imperative we focus on protecting the progress already made with ACA/Obamacare, and strengthening it by fixing some flaws. 

Wholeheartedly, I support universal coverage with a public option where people can buy into Medicare or Medicaid when they wish or need a safety net.  Simply because someone’s employment status changes they and their family should not be thrown into financial peril by losing their health coverage too.


I will fight to protect the working and middle class. We need to ensure we are working towards a strong economy by investing and providing family-wage jobs. This means higher wages for workers, paid sick leave and family leave. This also means working on tax-cuts to small and medium sized businesses so they have the opportunity in today’s economy to grow and thrive.

Additionally, there are many many jobs where women do the same work and don’t receive the same pay as men. This disproportionately harms women, families, and single mothers. It is time for that to change. We must guarantee that those doing the same work are paid equally. 

Commonsense Gun Laws

I support common sense gun laws that protect the rights of gun owners but also reduce the likelihood of guns getting into the wrong hands. Policies like closing the loopholes on background checks, funding CDC research into gun violence, and closing the gun show loophole already have wide bipartisan support. It is time we take action to treat and heal our gun violence epidemic. 

Education & Schools

I support affordable and accessible Pre-K for all children in America. The Federal government has so much power in providing funding for wrap-around services that benefit all students and communities. I support paying teachers what they’re worth – which is A LOT. Great schools and outstanding teachers are the backbone of our communities today and for the future. 

We cannot saddle future generations with huge debt just because they needed a higher educational degree. We need to fix our student loan system so it is fair and allows for our new workers to start families, buy houses and invest in our communities. 

Reproductive Healthcare

I support family planning that works for everyone. We need to provide easy access to birth control for those who want it; a safety net that makes pregnancy and postpartum physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially easier, and abortion when chosen by the woman and her doctor – NOT the government. I believe abortion should be legal and medically safe.