Shannon Freshour


In OH-04 congressional campaign Democrat Shannon Freshour builds campaign war chest and amases digital army 

MARYSVILLE, OH — Jim Jordan faces growing opposition at home. In a sign of what’s coming for Jordan this cycle, the Shannon 4 Ohio Committee announced today it raised more than $260,000 from 12,500 donors in the fourth quarter fundraising drive. The average online contribution was $20.20 and more than 96% of donors gave less than $50. 

Following Jordan’s defense of President Trump, Freshour quickly amassed a digital army of almost 165k followers on Twitter, much higher than most elected Congresspeople.  She has gained followers from national journalists, progressive activists, environmental champions, college students, faith leaders and some of America’s most respected elected leaders. 

“Every day I get to see how much this fight means to our district and to our nation.  I am inspired by our shared effort to return sanity, stability, honor, and integrity to our Congress.  I truly believe that our united power will propel us on to victory.

Here in America, the facts still matter and we all stand together. I am so incredibly proud of this campaign’s success in such a short period of time. I am thankful to the thousands of individuals who have stepped up to give what they can and to ensure we are going to have the broad coalition of low dollar donors to help us get our message out and to win.

I am grateful for each person’s support, in whatever why they offer it.  From donations to sharing and signal boosting social media posts, and offering words of encouragement, I am indebted to each person’s generosity and commitment to our effort.”  Shannon Freshour said.

Shannon Freshour is running to represent the people of the 4th Congressional District in Ohio. Shannon’s grassroots campaign is funded by small dollar donors, with over 96% of the donations made online being under $50. The average donation to the campaign, fittingly, is $20.20. For more information on her campaign please visit