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  I am a center-left Democrat, but more than that I am a "get stuff done; everyone just stop playing childish, partisan games; compromise isn't a dirty word; purity politics on both sides will destroy us all," Democrat.

        This is not to say that I do not have strong beliefs which I will fight to protect. I do much of which is based on my Catholic faith and reading of the Holy Gospels including

• Fighting to protect the working and middle classes

• Standing up against tax cuts for the rich paid for by the rest of us or billed to our children

• Ensuring we never go back on the health care reforms we've achieved. [Additional Info]

• Supporting common sense gun laws that protect the right of gun owners but also protect communities from weapons of war getting into dangerous hands

• Promoting educational opportunities for lifelong learning from pre-school to the senior citizen center and reducing student loan debt.  

• Family planning that works for everyone: Providing easy access to birth control for those who want it; a safety net that makes pregnancy and postpartum physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially easier, and abortion when necessary.  Yes I believe abortion should be legal and medically safe, and but also rare.   

• Solving our humanitarian crisis at the border that takes babies out of cages, keeps families together, and puts dangerous criminals in jail.

  I do not believe that only one side is correct on any issue.  No one group is correct on everything, and good ideas can come from people I strongly disagree with on a lot of other things. I believe you stand on principle and compromise on policies where you can.  


Shannon 4 Ohio Committee, Donna Freshour Treasurer 
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