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Meet Shannon

Driven. Dedicated. Passionate. Honest. Hard working. Ready to serve.

I’m running for Congress to represent the people of OH-4 because they deserve honest, passionate representation in Congress that does not come with a national scandal, shameful embarrassment, or self-serving votes that put special interests ahead of the hardworking people of this district.

Family means everything to me. My mom Donna, a single mother to my older brother Todd, and me, made sure to instill Ohio’s core values in me. After personal setbacks, she took advantage when the state offered free job training, learned secretarial skills and parlayed that education and opportunity into a 45 year career. Although our family struggled financially, often living paycheck to paycheck and forced to move often, mom always valued education and taught us the importance of giving back wherever and whenever possible. 

My brother Todd took mom’s lessons about service to heart and joined the Navy, following in a proud tradition of military service in our family. Meanwhile, I was the beneficiary of one of the first head start programs in Ohio’s public schools and the school’s reduced breakfast and lunch programs, both vital to my early education.                                

The Head Start program I attended taught me how to read and how to learn, and I am forever grateful for these lifelong gifts. I know the incredible impact these programs had on me and I will always champion them in Congress. We need to give more opportunities to the next generation, allowing them the start they need to compete and win in our ever changing globally competitive economy. 

At its best, I believe politics is about helping people. After graduating as part of the first class from Thomas Worthington High School I volunteered on some statewide and presidential campaigns before starting college at the University of Toledo in the Spring of 1993. That fall I transferred to what is now Trinity University, in Washington, D.C. 

I loved my four years at Trinity and I learned a lot about politics and policy from a variety of viewpoints.  In fact, I am probably the only person in history to intern and work for Senator Ted Kennedy, current Presidential Advisor Kellyanne (Fitzpatrick) Conway, and the Blue Dog Coalition. From each I learned that people should always come before partisanship, compromise is not a curse word, and you can disagree about policy without being disrespectful. If you send me to Washington, I promise never to compromise my beliefs, but to always look for ways we can work together, even when we disagree.

         After graduating from Trinity, I continued my education, earning a master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University where I chose to concentrate my thesis on the need to create a unified national strategy to combat the commercial sexual exploitation of children. I still believe a national plan is desperately needed and that we all have an obligation to do more to combat child exploitation. As your representative in Congress I will always make children’s issues, including immigration, education, and equality of opportunity the focus of my legislative priorities. 

         For the last 20+ years I have worked as a litigation paralegal. I worked on a lot of trials, some high profile, and some smaller - but just as important cases, always fighting for our clients in their search for justice. My career path took me to California for the last decade, where I had the chance to work adjacent to government and help people in need. Recently, for family reasons, I’ve returned home.

         Anyone who says “you can’t go home again” doesn’t understand Ohio and definitely doesn’t understand our community. Since my return, even under difficult circumstances, I have re-fallen in love with my home state, especially Marysville and the surrounding area. Now that I’m home, I want to do more than help my family, I want to help my community. In short, it is time for me to give back to the people who have always been there for me.

         My promise to you is simple, if I earn your vote and am given the honor of representing you in Congress, I will always put the needs of my constituents first. I will be guided by my family’s values: hard work, honesty, helping my neighbors, and making the future brighter for the next generation. 

  Thank you for your time. I look forward to earning your vote.

         Welcome to our campaign. I know it will be an uphill battle, but I’m ready to fight for you and restore your faith in the good we can do when everyone has their sights set on our future. After all, it’s long past time we had representation in Congress we can all be proud of.

Looking forward to meeting you on the campaign trail and earning your vote! 


Shannon 4 Ohio Committee, Donna Freshour Treasurer 
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