Shannon Freshour

Meet Shannon

The odds are stacked against working people, and we all have a responsibility to do what we can to protect the American dream for our families and future generations.

As the daughter of a hardworking single mom often working multiple jobs to make ends meet, Shannon had Ohio core values instilled in her at a young age. Shannon’s story is like many in our communities. Regularly living paycheck to paycheck, her mom focused on the importance of education from the earliest age.

Thankfully, Ohio did as well. Shannon was one of the first Head Start kids in Ohio, and to this day views it as the single most important part of her education. Those early investments in education gave her an opportunity to graduate from college and earn a master’s degree. She now wants to ensure that the next generations of Ohio’s children get the same opportunities to succeed.

✔ Health Care ­— Getting sick shouldn’t bankrupt families. Shannon will protect the ACA, vote for a public option, and fight to protect Medicare.

✔ Middle-Class Tax Cuts & Economic Stability ­— Shannon will fight for workers, repeal the Trump Tax Scam, cut taxes for the middle class and invest in infrastructure, economic development, and green jobs.

✔ Education­ — Shannon will fight for all Ohioans to have access to lifelong learning by establishing universal pre-K, fixing the college affordability crisis, and expanding access to trade and technical job training.

✔ Equality — The simple fact is everyone should be treated equally. Shannon will pass anti-discrimination legislation like the Equality Act, and will always stand up for women’s right to choose.